Plastic Surgery is a procedure that many more people are undertaking now than ever. This is in part thanks to the improvements that have taken place over the years regarding not only the procedures that are can be carried out, but also the safety aspect of it.

Having said that, there are still plastic surgery practices scattered around that do not abide by the strict code of conduct laid down by the Department of Health regarding plastic surgery procedures. Whilst it may be the case that it appears that the work is of good standard and the price is fairly cheap, it is always advisable that you steer clear of cheap and cheerful plastic surgeons.

The biggest reason for this is the safety aspect involved. The fact of the matter is that cheaper plastic surgery options often carry the risk of a surgeon that is less than qualified, or that is qualified, but is willing to cut corners. Either way, your safety can be compromised if you go down the cheaper route.

Having said that, there are really great plastic surgeons out there. One such example of this is Dr Roth. He is based in the West Ave Plastic Surgery office in Houston, Texas.

To instil a sense of confidence in his potential patients, he answers every query personally. This is so that he can talk you through any queries that you may have and alleviate any potential concerns.

Choosing a surgeon you can trust

With regards to the surgery types offered at West Ave, there are vast amounts catering to men and women. In the case of women specifically, Dr Roth is able to assist in breast enlargement and also reductions as well as reconstruction and augmentation. These are seen as ‘normal’ plastic surgery procedures however they do require a great deal of care and experience. This isn’t an issue at West Ave. This is due to the fact that Dr Roth is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Therefore, he is fully accredited and high skilled and competent at carrying out a wide array of procedures.

There are also procedures available that cater specifically to men. One of the more common procedures is a mastectomy. This is usually carried out in men that are suffering from gynecomastia. The extent of the operation is based on how severe the gynecomastia is. However, it generally involves liposuction to remove the fatty tissue. It is also possible for men to have jaw reconstruction surgery carried out. Again, the severity of the issue will dictate how in-depth the surgery will be.

In terms of procedures available for men and women, this includes liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose reconstruction) and also skin injections such as Botox.

Regardless of the procedure that you are requiring, you are in safe hands with Dr Roth. He knows that every patient is different and therefore tailors each procedure to his patient’s needs. To him, the consultation before the procedure is even decided upon is just as important as the surgery itself. It gives the potential patient the chance to discuss their concerns. It also allows Dr Roth to discuss the operation with them, and assessing for them if they really do require the procedure. It is more important to Dr Roth that the potential patient is happy, than carrying out an operation on them for the sake of it. At West Ave in Houston, your care is in excellent hands.