For those that suffer from hair thinning and hair loss, this can be an extremely distressing time. Thankfully though, gone are the days of hair loss being permanent. Nowadays, it is perfectly possible to have a hair transplant carried out. This is a relatively straight forward procedure however one downside of it is that there are some less than satisfactory clinics that carry out this service.


Thankfully though, there is one outstanding company which you can have total confidence in. The Hair Repair Clinic is a company with offices located in England and also Scotland. One of the great things about the Hair Repair Clinic is that unlike other clinics, there is a no pressure approach to would be patients.

The clinic itself works in such a way that it cuts out the middle man. The benefit to the patient is that there is a large reduction in the costs of the work carried out. On average, this can be as much as 20% cheaper.  Further, the Hair Repair Clinic caters to both men and women, something which other clinics don’t always offer.

Moreover, there is also the option to send your photos directly to the surgeons at the Hair Repair Clinic. Alternatively, a Skype call with video chat is another option. Regardless of the contact method, this is a way for the surgeon that you are speaking to give you a fair estimation of the price of the procedure. This immediately gives you an idea of what the cost would be. The benefit of this is that you are already aware of the probable costs. This is unlike other clinics whereby you won’t get a price until they have seen you in person. The problem that this presents is that other clinics will often do a hard sell in the clinic room when you see them in person on the part of a salesmen. You’re not soley restricted to hair transplants either. There is also the option to have other procedures undertaken. These include eyebrow and beard transplants.





















In contrast, the Hair Repair Clinic does not put any patients under any stress or pressure to have a hair transplant carried out. Added to this is the fact that there is no charge for the consultation with the surgeon when you attend the clinic.

All of the surgeons present in the clinics are fully qualified as well as having an extensive degree of experience when it comes to hair transplants. The quality of the work in the clinic has even been featured in various publications, included the Sun which is the biggest daily newspaper in the UK. If you’re thinking about undertaking a hair transplant, then you should strongly consider the Hair Repair Clinic. You will be treated exceptionally before and after your care and you’ll have complete peace of mind when compared to other hair clinics in the UK. More information about the Hair Repair Clinic can be found on their website along with full bios of all of the surgeons that carry out the work.