721156_18314525When it comes to working as a doctor and also on your passage to becoming a doctor, it’s important that you’ve got the most influential and up to date material available. In that respect, this page has been further sub-divided into essential reading lists for those that are studying to become a doctor, and also those that are working as a doctor.


It could be argued that the reading material for practising doctors is also the essential reading material for those studying medicine, since these books are the basic reading materials on which their whole career is based upon. Regardless, we’ve compiled two lists of reading materials that we feel are the basic essentials for those that are both studying and practising medicine. Throughout your career you’ll be needing an expert range of literature behind you. By taking heed of these lists we hope that you’ll be as best prepared as possible and also expand on these lists with your own personal favourites as well as incorporating these books into the suggested ones by your faculty.